The Owusu family was shattered.  For days they mourned the loss of Caleb. Mr.  Owusu  blamed himself for what had happened to his  only son.  His wife for days couldn’t hold back her tears. Mr.  Owusu realised that his wife and his daughter were drawing near the borderline of depression, and that got him  scared. He wished that Caleb was still with them,  but it was too late.
Esi still couldn’t believe such a thing could happen.  She got angry the more with her parents as she thought about her brother’s demise,  and she refused to speak to  them.

A couple of days later, there was a knock on their door  which Esi went to get.  And she received a great shock when  she saw the people at the door.

It was Pastor Marfo with Aunty Stella and some members of the church dressed in funeral clothes.

Esi just stood at the door and looked at them  without uttering a word.

“O sister we have come to express our sympathy.  We know that you are angry with us,  but we want to pledge our support to you and our prayers  in times like this. ”

Esi didn’t even allow them into her home and she said to them,  ” You finally have a reason to come to my house now?  You finally know the directions to my house?  You finally have a reason to want to support me and show that you care? You finally have a reason to say prayers for me?… Just leave… Please just leave.”  She said sadly as she closed the door.

Mr.  Owusu who was inside wondered who his daughter was talking to,  yet he dared not to ask her.

Later in the day since they were planning Caleb’s 1week celebration,  he went to his son’s bedroom to check from  his phone  whether he would be able to get  a picture of him for posters.

However,  the content of a received text message he saw on his late son’s phone got him petrified.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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