Auntie Stella’s daughter fell sick and was on admission at the hospital. When the Pastor and some of the members of the congregation got to know of it, they went in a haste to see the little girl.

“Oh Pastor, and everyone! God bless you all! It’s very encouraging to see you all! Your presence alone I know will make my daughter feel better!” she expressed her gratitude to them.

Just when Aunty Stella was seeing them off from the ward, they saw a taxi quickly rush in, and a young man who seemed to have been involved in an accident was rushed to the emergency unit. Soon a woman and a man rushed in as well in tears.

“Ow! May the Lord save this boy!” Pastor Marfo prayed empathetically.
“Amen!” the church members with him responded.

Not long afterwards, another young lady also run in to the emergency unit in tears. And that got Pastor Marfo and Aunty Stella startled. She looked familiar.

It was Esi!

Esi did not even get to the ward when she met her parents coming out of the ward in tears.

“Ei! Ei! Hmm! Ei! Ei! Ei! Tell me this is a dream o! Tell me I’m dreaming o!” Mrs. Owusu lamented. “Ei! Ei! Owusu we’ve killed our son! We’ve killed our son o! Caleb! Caleb!”
Mr. Owusu even as a man couldn’t control his tears.

Apparently when Caleb left the house in frustration, he got knocked down by a speeding taxi, and he died before getting to the hospital.

Esi went near his body and her hands got drenched with his blood in an attempt to wake him up.
“Caleb wake up! Wake up! We’ve not celebrated your birthday yet! Caleb I have planned a surprise birthday party for you! Wake up! I’m getting your favorite cake too! This is not funny! This must be one of your pranks but it’s not funny!” Esi spoke to Caleb’s lifeless body in tears and in confusion. She was uncontrollable.

The nurses managed to take her outside whiles they prepared for the last office for Caleb’s body before sending it to the mortuary.

“Are you happy?  Mum and dad, are you happy now? Caleb is gone now!  Are you excited?” She said with a lot of pain in her heart.

Her parents left the scene feeling very guilty and regretting their actions.

Esi wept bitterly as she sat on the hospital floor. She didn’t want to believe that her brother was dead! She felt shattered and broken.

In the midst of all the pain and hurt she was experiencing, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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