“Ah! Is this all he got for you?” asked Mrs. Owusu who seemed not pleased at all. “And you too you’re excited!”

“Owusu! This’ all you could get for your son? You buy posh cars for those ‘small small’ girls you’ve been chasing! I know very well that you’re building a house for another woman… Actually a small girl! A girl who’s your daughter’s age!  And this is all you could get for our son?”

“I don’t know why you always try to get on my nerves! It’s as though you always delight in being the author of confusion!” Mr. Owusu peevishly said to his wife.

Caleb just knew that his day was ruined.

“Oh now I’m creating confusion eh? You don’t do what is right, why won’t there be confusion in this house?” she got up from the couch then hit back. “Owusu I am not afraid of you o! I am not! I know about all that you do! Running around town with those small girls! Aren’t you ashamed of yourse…?”

Mr. Owusu slapped her even before she completed her statement to the dismay of their son.

“Herh! You’ve slapped me?” She asked her husband in shock. She angrily tried to slap her husband back.

Caleb looked on sadly.  He felt a gush of anger.  “Why are they doing this on my birthday?” He thought.  Being exasperated Caleb walked out of the house. And when  Mrs. Owusu realized  that they had messed up their son’s birthday, she went running after him

“Caleb! Caleb!” She screamed out his name.

Mr.  Owusu who was still inside  could hear her shout their son’s name.

Some seconds later,  he heard his wife scream out ‘Jesus!’

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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