So Esi and Caleb finally lost the desire even to attend church. Truly too, no one from the church got in touch to find out why. Esi eventually came to the conclusion that the situation in her family wasn’t going to get any better.

School reopened and Esi got back to her normal way of fun-filled life with her friends who as well didn’t have any relationship with the Lord. And she found all the “chilling” and fun as a means of relieving her of frustration and depression.

Back at home however, Caleb continued to suffer the chaos. Their parents were now threatening each other with divorce.

About a week to Caleb’s 18th birthday, he made an appeal to his parents to spare him of any squabble or argument that week.
Mr. and Mrs. Owusu were sad to hear their son make such an appeal. They gave him the assurance that things will be okay.

Things however didn’t change much. Caleb just hoped that his birthday week would be a peaceful and a joyous one for him.

Lo and behold, Caleb’s birthday came. The whole family was excited, and though Esi was in school, she spoke with her brother on phone and then sent some gifts to him at home.

“I promise to come home over the weekend so we celebrate it in grand style!” she said to her only brother over the phone.

Mr. Owusu as well got for his son an iPhone as his 18th birthday gift. Out of excitement Caleb showed it to his mum when she got back from work, and then asked his mum to help him thank his dad.  And that somehow turned out to be a wrong move.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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