“Caleb… Maybe the problem is with us o… Maybe we also aren’t making the effort to be available for people to come and talk to us…” Esi said to her brother one Sunday after the church service ended.

“Esi, last week you made us hang around after service for this same reason… But who approached us? No one did! The only person who spoke to you did so because you left your handkerchief on the pew unknowingly! When I fell sick who cared to even ask why for almost 2 weeks I was out of church? No one did! So why do you want us to waste our time today too? See let’s just go home, ok?”

However Esi managed to convince Caleb to hang around for a while just to make themselves available for someone to speak with them.
As they were hanging around, two women who happened to be leaders in the church came to stand by them also having their own chat.
“Hmm Sister Love! And I hear Kissiwaa says she wants to leave the church o!” one of the women said.

“Kissiwaa? Sister Doris who is Kissiwaa?” Asked Sister Love.

“O she’s been in the church for about a year now!”said Sister Doris.

“And she wants to leave the church? Ah! How can someone just decide to leave such a Spirit filled church like ours?” Sister Love who was already getting peeved asked again.

“Hmm… She is insinuating that nobody visits her, and that it’s like in this church people have their own class of people they interact with… She also that she intentionally didn’t come to church for about a month and no one bothered to find out why… And so she’s leaving the church… Maybe I should tell Pastor Marfo about this!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! What kind of childishness is that? So because of this she wants to leave the church? She should go eh!”


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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