“Caleb, have the church people gotten in touch with you?” Esi asked her brother who was behind his laptop playing a game as usual.

“Uh huh! The shepherds, right? The guy got in touch…Why do you ask?”

“O… Nothing. Mine hasn’t gotten in touch yet. Well she promised that I’d get to hear from her… I don’t know but I want someone to talk to”

“Oh girls! You people can be so needy and emotional!” Caleb said. “Mum is around… Go talk to her?”

“No… she never is ‘available’ even when she is available… You know that!”

“Well then try and sort it out yourself. Besides I don’t know for these church peeps! Even this shepherd guy who is supposed to be checking on me seems to be bugging me already.”

“Why?” Esi asked.

“He’s been getting in touch alright, but whenever he does he goes like Ei how is your sister? Is your sister there?” Every time he’s asking about you! I’ve even blacklisted his contact! Maybe he’s got ulterior motives that the pastor doesn’t even know about! He wants to feast on the sheep” he said sarcastically.

But Esi somehow wasn’t bothered about that. She really needed someone to talk to. She decided then that should she not get to hear from the lady shepherd, she would meet her on Sunday then speak with her.

Sunday came; Esi hadn’t heard from her shepherd or had anyone from the church call her or come look for them. After church that day she went to see the lady shepherd.

“Auntie Stella!”

“O Hello… uhm sorry I forgot the name!” she said to Esi.

“I thought she said she saved my contact the last time.” Esi thought to herself.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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