“Esi, are you sure you want us to do this?” Caleb asked his sister again with an anxious  look upon seeing the huge crucifix on the chapel pinnacle.

“Caleb! Aren’t you tired of all that we are going through? I’m tired! Nothing seems to get better in our home!”

“Yes Esi that’s true! Our house witches are very mean and uncouth!”

“I don’t know Kay, but it’s obvious God is missing in this whole ‘Owusu family equation’ ! And I don’t know how but I believe that He will be able to help us! Remember the scripture I shared with you? “It is finished.” She told her brother convincingly.

Esi had started to get the conviction that they needed God’s help. She encouraged her brother to join her visit a local church she had identified  in their vicinity.

“But we could have just stayed at home to listen to sermons on TV o! Look at all these people who are going to this church! Obviously we’d get lost in it!” Caleb expressed.

“Hmm! Caleb I really don’t know, okay? But I just feel like we should have a family of God. At least, I believe there is unity and love and care in God’s house. We aren’t finding it at home, but I have a feeling that we will find that in church!”

“Hmm!  You’re right Esi!  Looking at the fire the  witches have set in our home,  I’m sure we need spiritual fire fighters! ”

” Caleb don’t worry! I’m sure God will help us! Honestly I’ve not known how to even  pray concerning all that’s happening in our family…. The best I’ve been  able to do is get depressed and then  cry,  but know that God has got some mercy for us…And I’m sure the church will be more than willing to bear us up in prayer,  so mum and dad’s marriage gets better again! C’mon let’s go!”
With that Esi was able to convince her brother. Due to Caleb’s earlier reluctance, the service started before they got there.

As they got ushered into the huge chapel auditorium, Esi realized that people stared at her queerly.

“Maybe they’re seeing us here for the first time, that’s why.” She thought to herself.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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