The turmoil in the home of the Owusus continued, and nothing seemed to get better.  They had been residents in their new vicinity for barely 6 months but most of their neighbors had gotten to know them since Mr. and Mrs. Owusu fought almost every single day.

Their children, Esi, a second year student in the university, and her brother Caleb were greatly disturbed by the turbulence in their home. There was no joy or tranquility. There was no togetherness in their home, and gradually their parents were not making time for them anymore.

Out of anger their father would come home either very late, or stay away from home for days. Their mum as well would just be by herself, and anytime Esi would want to have a girls talk with her she got the usual ‘Not now! I’m not in the mood’ from her mum.

It wasn’t surprising to Esi then when her brother got himself in trouble some weeks back. They seemed not to have anybody to talk to except their peers.

Church was a thing of the past to the Owusus since the anger and tension which was almost always with them seemed to have snuffed out every desire for church in them. Except for the church services Esi used to attend whiles in SHS, she couldn’t remember the last time she went to church, or even prayed or read her bible.

As such, Esi found solace in secular music, fashion trends, jumping from one relationship to another, parties and friends all in an effort to feel complete and find that joy and satisfaction her heart longed for.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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