​Caleb virtually froze not knowing what to do. His sister and their parents were oblivious of his state of fear since Esi was also busy trying to calm her parents down.
“You people stop this!” Esi out of frustration shouted at her parents, and for that moment they stopped quarreling.

“What is this? Huh? Mum and dad, why?”

Just then there was the loud knock at their door again.

“Now I’m sure it’s our neighbors again – coming to ask why Mr. and Mrs. Owusu are fighting as usual!” she said in anger as she walked towards the door to open it.

She went with such swiftness that Caleb could do nothing to stop her from checking on who was at the door.

“Hello!” she said to the angry looking elderly man and the girl who seemed to be crying. She wondered who they were since she hadn’t met them before.

“Eh where is that boy? Where is that Caleb boy?” the man started to raise his voice almost making a scene.

Caleb began to quiver, and his parents wondered what was happening since they could also hear the man shout.

Without an invitation the man just entered their home dragging the girl along.

“Excuse me Sir! What is it?” Mr. Owusu demanded from the man whose spectacles was almost falling off his nose bridge.

“Where is that boy Caleb?”“Caleb is my son! What is it?” asked Mr. Owusu

Esi quickly went to stand by her brother in defense.

“This boy! This boy beat my daughter up! He beat her up!” the man said almost running to hit Caleb but his parents quickly intervened.

“Hold it Sir!”

“Don’t tell me to hold it! What right does he have to beat up my daughter? Huh? He should explain!” he said angrily looking at Caleb. “When I asked my daughter, “Why did he beat you?” she couldn’t say why! Young man answer me! Why did you beat my daughter?”

“Come on open your mouth and talk!” Mr. Owusu said angrily to Caleb.

“Ah…Aah… She didn’t want to pay back!” Esi’s 17 year old brother struggled to say.

“Pay what?” his mother yelled at him.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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