Esi turned bleak upon what her brother said. Deep down her heart, she was afraid that  their parents’ marriage would soon hit the rocks of divorce. There seemed to be no understanding in their marriage.
Ever since Esi was 15 years they’d  been quarreling- mostly over trivial stuff, or issues like money, trust and fidelity. Many times she would just go to her room and cry.

At the age of 20, her parents had still not come to understand themselves; Esi had witnessed countless moments of verbal and physical abuse between her parents whenever they quarrel. She knew that divorce is disastrous, but somehow it seemed inevitable in her parents’ marriage.

Suddenly, Esi and Caleb heard a loud bang from upstairs that was followed by shouting and ranting. It was something they had become familiar with at home. And they knew their parents were at it again.

Mostly Mr. and Mrs. Owusu would quarrel from upstairs then bring it downstairs whenever their children were downstairs, as though they wanted their audience. They obviously didn’t realize that it was troubling their children emotionally.

As the siblings stole glances at each other when they realized that the footsteps and voices of their parents were drawing near, Caleb quickly went to lock their store room whiles Esi also went to lock their kitchen. They had witnessed an incident where their parents started fighting with a mop and a frying pan, and for that matter they always would lock those rooms when their parents begin to quarrel.

Unexpectedly, they heard a loud knock on their front door, and some chattering.

“Now what again!” Caleb grunted as he went to peep through the window. He was hoping it wouldn’t be one of their inquisitive neighbors coming to pry in their family matter again.

But when he realized that it was Enam with her angry looking father at the door, his heart almost skipped a beat.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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