For about ten minutes Esi just scrolled through the various TV station channels and seemed not to find one to settle on. Her brother Caleb who was resting on the couch and was busily playing his video game stole glances at his sister in wonder.

“Boring!” she murmured.

“Then switch it off?” her younger brother who had just completed SHS told her. “You’re idle! Come, I’ve got work for you! Come and cheer me! I’m already winning in this football game!” he said to her with a wink.

“You aren’t serious!” she sneered after which she got up from the couch then went to stand by the window. She seemed so bored and was wondering what she could do to cheer herself up.

“Sundays are always boring! It’s either all the channels are showing church stuff, or showing some kinda Jesus movie! I’m so bored! I’ve virtually watched all the movies on my laptop over and over…. I wish I could even go out…But it looks like it’s about to rain” she added as she drew aside the curtains then peeped to take a look at the sky.

“Then just sit and listen to any of the preaching on TV?” Caleb said to her still focusing on his game.
“After all, it will be like you’ve also had church service in your home!”

“Ohh… I miss school! This long vac is getting unbearably boring! If I were to be in school I’m sure I’d be having some Sunday time out with my baes, you know! Caleb you should hurry and get to ‘Uni’ soon! There’s so much fun over there!”

“I know right!” Caleb added. “It’s just been 2 weeks since I completed high school, and I’m already sick and tired of mum and dad’s daily quarrel! They ‘fight’ like something!”

Esi turned bleak upon what her brother said.
Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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