“Jesus! Janelle! Janelle! Open your eyes! Who did this to you?!”

I found Janelle lying in a pool of blood unconscious.

She had been stabbed. I quickly alerted the hostel security and I rushed her to the University Hospital.

The situation looked critical, as the doctor said that she had lost so much blood. Her BP and pulse were dropping. “My God! My God please save her!” I prayed.

“She needs to receive blood… if not we’ll lose her” the doctor said. “But this looks critical now. She is of blood group O negative. That’s a very rare group. And she can receive transfusion from only an O negative donor! We’ve run out of that blood group here too! Work on getting a donor fast!” he said.

Honestly at that moment I was all confused. I wasn’t in that blood group. I tried calling all my friends whose names came to mind, and none were in that group.
As I stood there in my confusion, I received a tap. I turned to see who it was. I remembered that I had seen that face before.

It was Janelle’s father.

“Please. I’m sorry… But that is my daughter. I went to the hostel looking for her again. I wanted to ask for her forgiveness again.  And I overheard some students saying that she’s been rushed to this hospital. How is she?”

I was dumbfounded as I least expected him to be there. He looked so sorry and sad.

“She’s right to blame me for all that she’s become. Was she trying to kill herself? Oh God please forgive me! I’ve destroyed my daughter’s life” he said.

“No. she didn’t try to kill herself Sir. It was a murder attempt… but she needs blood… O negative blood. If not we will lose her” I told him sadly.

“O negative? Where’s the doctor? I’m O negative! Please they should let me donate to save my daughter.”

I knew Janelle was angry with her father still.  I was in a dilemma because she was unconscious still,  and I was afraid that she wouldn’t be happy with my decision to receive the blood from her father to her.  But then again her life was at stake. Before I could think of a response to give him,  he out of desperation went to see the doctor and requested to donate blood to Janelle.

Not long afterwards the emergency unit started getting filled by some of Janelle’s course mates,  including those who used to taunt her

“T.A Fred… How’s she please? “ their course rep asked. I couldn’t give a reply.

I thought to myself, “Sorry Janelle.  I’d rather allow this blood transfusion to go on and save your life than watch you die!”

I told the students just to pray for her. Her father as well was running some tests before the blood donation would commerce.

A little afterwards,  Janelle regained consciousness. I wasn’t sure about how she would react should she get to see her father around. I went to see her then spoke with her alone.

“Someone wanted me dead. The mistress had apparently gone to use my last stripping video to blackmail the businessman involved. The man probably thought that it was me. He came to my room saying that he will kill me before I destroy his life. He stabbed me.”

I felt sorry for her. Then again I had to explain to her the critical situation. That she needed to receive blood. And that her blood type was rare to get.

“Janelle… your father… he is here…”

“I don’t want to see him!”

“Janelle… Listen to me… he’s the only one here who is your match! He wants to donate to save you! Just forgive him Janelle! Forgive him”

“I don’t need his help! I don’t need his blood! I would rather die than receive his help…!” She said bitterly.

Just then,  I received a signal from the nurse that her father wanted to see me outside. I left her alone then went to meet her father again.

“Young man!  Oh God!” he started which got me more worried

“Sir what is it?”

“ I can’t donate the blood.  I’m a mess!  Now I can’t save my daughter!”

“Sir! Why aren’t you in group O negative?”

“I am… But again I’m positive”

“Ah Sir how can you be negative and positive at the same time?  Positive for what? “

“Hepatitis  B” He said almost in tears.



Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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