Hoping that this ship would be steady

The wind gentle and soft; not breezy

For the voyage I can feign to be ready

Yet the silent tongue of the torrents scare me

Life in this world 

Like a ship on the sea

Fear of being hurled

By the depths of the deep

Waves whispering uncertainty

And at night all I have is a gleam

Billows roaring at my dream

And I only hope that the sea would seem 

Like a tender and a gentle stream
Yet gentle it is not

Life is a sea, loud and rough 

Even as I make it to the shore

My ship it still wants to rock

My bars, my bolts, my dock

All broken and shattered from the waves’ knock

O Captain of the sea; Man of steel

Life is a journey, rough and tough

And I am like a ship sailing through its cough 

Anchor my ship

From life’s rough lips

And when the winds blow

May I not be tossed to and fro

Anchor my soul

Deep behind the Veil let it hold

Anchor my soul

And on me let your Gentle Wind blow

Anchor my soul

Deeply In your love beyond the reach of Sheol 
Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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