“Ah Sir, how can you be positive and negative at the same time? Positive for what?”

“Hepatitis B” he said almost in tears.

“Huh?” “O God! Why all this?” I thought to myself. I began to pace on the corridor.

“Young man! There’s no time to waste! What are you people waiting for? Get an O negative donor now!” the doctor said almost yelling at me.

“O negative? O negative? T.A Fred, I’m O negative!” Screamed out one of the students.

Quickly we got him to the lab to get tested.

Soon the blood was ready, but Janelle had fallen unconscious again. They asked us to go out whiles the team of doctors and nurses attended to her.

I observed her father standing at a distance sadly. I approached him and said “She will be fine Sir. I believe!”

“I don’t even have the courage to pray to God on my daughter’s behalf young man. Probably he’s punishing me for being a bad father and an irresponsible man… And now I have a venereal disease.”

“Sir, don’t be hard on yourself. If you truly repent of your sins God will forgive you. Yes he may not take this disease away from you, but then he will forgive you!”

“I can’t forgive myself! I can’t forgive myself! And I don’t even have the courage to ask God for forgiveness.  My daughter’s life wouldn’t have been this way if only I had been a good man. Now I’ve made her the sole heir of all my properties. But I will be filled with much joy rather when she forgives me.”

“Don’t worry. It is well!”

I thanked the student who donated the blood, then asked the students to go back to campus.

“No T.A, we really can’t. All of us know that we probably had judged her wrongly, and none of us ever showed her love.  And we just want to rectify that and let her know that we all are sorry.” Their rep said.

I asked them just to be praying for her, and that since it was getting late, the nurses might not allow them all to go inside to see her. They decided then to come again the next morning.

Early the next morning, I went to ask from the nurses to see Janelle. “It’s a miracle!” one of the nurses told me “In the night, she kept moaning ‘I let go! I let go! Wash it away! Wash it away!’ It really got us scared since we thought that it was a near death experience or something. But afterwards rather, her vitals started getting better. We observed her throughout the night, and she is much better this morning.”

I was happy to hear that. I went to her room to see her, and I even got more excited that I was met with smiles from Janelle. It made me believe what the nurse said.

Surprisingly, she started thanking me for everything, and asked that I say thank you to the gentleman who donated the blood. I was surprised.

“Wait! How did you get to know? You were unconscious, right? Or that was fake?”

“Hahaha!” she laughed out loud for the first time in a long while. “I heard everything… Okay not everything” she laughed again. “But I understand that at times when people are unconscious, they still get to hear. So next time before you go insulting any ‘unconscious’ enemy just bear in mind that the person probably can hear you!” That was funny and it really made me laugh as well.

“Alright Janelle. We thank God for saving you. Well it’s morning now. So tell me, what do you want?”

Then there was silence for a brief moment.

“My dad! I want to see my dad!”

“Wow!” I thought. She saw the surprised look on my face, and she smiled.

“T.A Fred, I let go… I’ve let go of everything. Now I want to meet my dad.”

I was so filled with happiness to hear that. I quickly run out to search for him. On my way out I met some of her course mates with flowers and cards and fruits going to see Janelle. I asked them to go inside and that I’d return shortly.
“T.A Fred, I let go… I’ve let go of everything. Now I want to meet my dad.”

I was so filled with happiness to hear that. I quickly run out to search for him. On my way out I met some of her course mates with flowers and cards and fruits going to see Janelle. I asked them to go inside and that I’d return shortly.

I found Janelle’s father. Apparently he passed the night in his car at the hospital premise.

“Sir! Sir! She wants to see you! Janelle has requested to see you!” I could tell from the look of his face that he was surprised. He quickly got out of the car then walked with me to the ward.

He was so surprised to see Janelle smiling and laughing with all her course mates around her. I actually was surprised too.

“So Janelle. Once again we would want to say thank you for accepting our apology. We judged you wrongly, and we didn’t even make the effort to draw near to you. Your life has taught us many lessons even as Christians too. And we wish you speedy recovery.”

I was awed. I could sense wholeness and healing in the room. Before I realized they had already posed around her and were taking selfies.

“Ei we don’t do that here o!” the nurse told them, for which we all burst into laughter. Her dad looked happy.

“Now I think you guys need to excuse my dad and I now!” she said looking at her dad with a smile. So they all left, but Janelle asked me to stay.

Her dad was almost going on his knees

“No Father! Please don’t!”“Janelle… Please find a place in your heart to forgive me… Please forgi…”

“Dad… No. please say no more! From my heart of heart I have forgiven you. In my state of unconsciousness I struggled with that. I knew I had to let go of any hurt and bitterness. But a part of me still didn’t want to. But finally, love overcame, Dad. I let go! It was refreshing. And it felt like rain over my soul. I forgive you Dad! You’re my father, and forever you will be”

“Thank you! Thank you!” her father said in tears.

“And Dad! I’m really indebted to T.A Fred! God has used him to bless my life tremendously. I met Jesus through this man… Dad, and I want you to meet Jesus too!”

“Janelle! I never thought that I deserved forgiveness from you! How can I ask Jesus to forgive me?”

“Daddy! I was only able to forgive because Jesus first forgave me of every sin! I didn’t deserve his grace, but he looked upon me with grace! He will forgive you and make you a new creation again If only you will let him!”

I nodded in agreement.

“T.A Fred is here… he can lead you to say the sinner’s prayer and surrender your life today to Jesus, if only you are willing to receive Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior!”

“Yes my child! I want to be a better man again! I want to overcome the guilt and the frustration! I want to overcome this fear of eternally perishing! But most importantly, I want to love Jesus once again! Please lead me to Christ!” he sobbed. “I surrender!”

Janelle signaled me to lead him say the sinner’s prayer. But I said to her, “Janelle! Lead him to Christ. You’re also a child of God, one purchased with the blood of Jesus! So dear, go on!” I encouraged her for which she nodded with a smile in agreement.

“Okay Daddy. Please repeat this after me…Dear Father, I thank you. I thank you for coming in the form of the flesh and dying in my place. I thank you for being my perfect sacrifice. I admit that I am a sinner, and that I haven’t pleased you. Father, please wash me with the blood of Jesus and forgive me of all my sins. Enable me by your Holy Spirit to live a life that pleases you. Thank you Jesus, for coming into my heart. Amen!”

After the prayer, Father and daughter embraced each other in reunion.
After the prayer, Father and daughter embraced each other in reunion.

It looked like a ‘Mission Impossible!’ But in Jesus, all things are made possible. In my heart as I watched the two of them shed tears of joy, I could sense the Lord’s healing and joy all over. For He is the only one who can heal the broken- hearted and bind up their wounds. And upon this precious life of Janelle, I believe his Healing Rain has fallen.




Dorothy Budu-Arthur



  1. I’ve personally learnt a lot from this piece.
    God bless you so much for penning this down.
    It’s really a great story with great lessons to learn.


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