As they got ushered into the huge chapel auditorium, Esi realized that people stared at her queerly.

“Maybe they’re seeing us here for the first time, that’s why.” She thought to herself.

Somehow she felt at peace when she entered the chapel. Caleb however struggled to settle. During the sermon, he dozed off so much that Esi had to be pinching him and jolting him.

During the time for the announcements, first time worshippers were asked to introduce themselves to the congregation. Esi and Caleb did so, and Esi let the church know that they wanted to fellowship with them. They were then asked to wait behind after church service.

At the end of the service, the two got to meet the pastor of the church, Pastor Marfo, who welcomed them and introduced Esi to a certain woman, then Caleb to a certain young man as well.

“Aunty Stella and Brother Francis are the shepherds for the new members,” the pastor told them. Esi was excited about that.

The shepherds took their contacts then promised to give them a call.
However as they were about leaving, the lady shepherd called Esi aside then  said to her, “Uhm maybe you didn’t realize, but your cleavage and thighs are showing, my dear!” she said with a smile.

“Please why? It is bad?” asked Esi innocently. Those were her kind of clothes and she found nothing wrong with it.

“You know, this is church o!”

“O yes please! I’m sorry… this seemed to be the only appropriate dress I found!” Esi explained.

“Okay then.  Try and find something much better than this next time, okay? No hard feelings my dear!”

Esi felt embarrassed; she realized that it probably had been the reason why people stared at her when she entered the chapel. She however thanked the lady shepherd then left for the house with her brother.


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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