And so for days Esi earnestly awaited Pastor Marfo’s call and his visit. She got a call all the same, but rather it was to her a disappointing call.

“Hello! Please is this Esi Owusu?” the lady on the other line said to her.

“Yes it is!”“Alright this is from the office of Pastor Marfo… We have a fundraising this Sunday and we want to remind all our members of it so you prepare well to give bountifully to the glory of God!”

The elation on her face faded as she realized that the call was for a different purpose and not concerning the need she had shared with the pastor.

“So the very first call I’m ever getting from this church wasn’t a ‘How are you?’ or ‘How is your Christian life?’ call… It rather was a fundraising reminder….” She thought to herself in disappointment.

And indeed even after the church fundraising, Pastor Marfo never got to visit the Owusus as he had promised.

Esi also lost the desire to even have a meeting with the Pastor or the shepherds.


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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