Esi being overwhelmed with life gathered courage some weeks later to see Pastor Marfo since their shepherds made no time for them.

She shared about the emptiness she was feeling with Pastor Marfo, and the confusion in her parents’ marriage. Esi requested that Pastor Marfo comes  to visit her family,  then  give counsel to her parents as well since she was getting afraid of an imminent divorce.

She however wasn’t so surprised when Pastor Marfo asked whether she was sure she was a member of his church.
“I don’t think I’ve seen you before in my church.” He said to her.

“I’ve been coming with my brother for some weeks now, Pastor! You even gave us shepherds.”

“Oh I see! Are you two new converts? Were you part of the people we evangelized to during the gospel crusade we held in this town? Oh that crusade was mega! We won many souls for Christ!”he said braggingly

“No please Pastor… I can say that we came on our own. Maybe God just wanted us to!”

“O really? It’s pleasant to know, young lady! You know, the truth is I have a large congregation so it’s very hard for me to get to know everyone!”

Esi however felt relieved when the pastor promised to make time to visit her family.

“Don’t worry Sister! See, the devil is a liar! He is churning the still waters in your parents’ marriage! He has confused their language, and all that your parents speak now is ‘disagreement’ and ‘misunderstanding’… But Jesus has won the victory for us!” he encouraged her.

“I’ll surely be praying for you, then give you a call this week so I come to visit your family!”


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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