“Esi it’s good you’ve realized. Even the shepherds the pastor got for us never got to check on us… never visited, never called, not to talk of even ask for prayer requests from us… Esi, I think that we should just stay home and not bother about church! After all it’s not been any different since we got to join… Have you realized that every Sunday they keep getting new members? Now tell me, do you see any of those new members in church of late? No! It means they also don’t feel cared for, so they’ve left! Period!” Caleb lamented.

Esi was lost in her thoughts. Even after joining the church she still wasn’t getting the fellowship she had been yearning for.

 The pastor always seemed busy and unapproachable. The shepherds and elders were always unavailable. The other leaders and youth coordinators seemed not to realize that there were people walking around in the church with needs who may just want a smile or a listening ear from a fellow believer. The sanctimonious look on some faces in the church even deterred her from making any approach. 

Her parents’ marriage was falling apart. Her numerous relationships and friends couldn’t seem to fill that void she felt. Her life was empty. 

She knew that she needed help, yet she didn’t know how to pray. She didn’t even have any urge to read the Bible. The book of Numbers made no sense to her, and Revelations seemed just scary to read. She didn’t even know much about the Holy Spirit or even His baptism.

 And there probably were many others like her and her brother in the church.  Yet the church didn’t seem to realize that not all the sheep were strong and matured. Some sheep were weak, frail and were wondering: in need of love and care from the Great Shepherd through the church. 

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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