For weeks after joining the local church, no one from the church even tried making acquaintance with Esi and her brother. They went with needs to the church in hope that a fellowship of believers would give help and support, but they did not seem to get that.

Esi was beginning to feel disappointed. Her challenge again was that she didn’t know how to make the first move to approach anyone in the church.

“Look Esi! I’m losing interest in this church thing o! People won’t smile at you or even look at you in the face! Nobody even bothers to ask ‘How are you doing?’… I’m sure we are invisible to them!”

“I know Caleb… Personally it’s hard for me to make the first approach especially since we’re new members…Back at school whenever I went for any party with my friends and I didn’t know anyone around, it was those ‘strangers’ who would make the move to talk to me and make me feel like I ‘belong’… I remember there was this time that I couldn’t attend one of the parties as I had planned because I was feeling depressed with all that’s happening at home…And that evening all my friends passed by to check on me. We probably just talked ‘ trash’, but at least it was a good feeling knowing that people care and think about you… But it looks like it’s not like that in the church… it’s like they have cliques, and they wouldn’t want to interact with us… and even how some of them look at you feels judgmental. The only times that I’ve had people come to talk to me in the church was because they had a problem with how I had dressed… then they’d give a fake smile… they won’t even bother to ask ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Where do you stay?’” Esi expressed disappointedly.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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