“O Hello… Uhm sorry I forgot the name!” she said to Esi.

“I thought she said she saved my contact the last time.” Esi thought to herself.

“The name is Esi please!”

After exchanging pleasantries, Esi let Aunty Stella know that she wanted to speak with her.

“Please can you spare me some minutes of your time? I think that I would like to talk to you concerning something. ”

But just when the lady was about making time for Esi, she got called for a meeting. Esi told her then that she would wait till she’s done with the meeting. She was getting overwhelmed with her parents’ attitude at home and she really felt the need to talk to someone. Caleb however left and went home.

For about 1 hour Esi patiently waited. As she waited, wondered why no one bothered to even share a smile with her or even come close to find out from her how she was doing, especially since she was obviously a new member and didn’t know anybody in the church.

“Is it with how I’m dressed again today?” she wondered.

After about 30 minutes, she saw the lady who came to call Auntie Stella for the meeting.

“Excuse me please! Is Auntie Stella still in a meeting?” she asked

“O Stella? She already left! She left about an hour ago!”

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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