So on the last lecture day for the semester, Dr. Obuor asked that I have a tutorial class with the students. I adequately did that, and took them through some tit bits on how to answer exam questions. After the class I reminded them again of the crusade that was taking place over the weekend on campus.

 As they were leaving I called on Janelle. “Janelle, I’m expecting you at the crusade today o!”

“Oh T.A Fred… hmmm. I’ve got other plans oo… All night…”

“All night?” I asked her surprisingly.

“Mmh yes o! Some All night long partying… It’s just like having fun for the last before the exams heat is on, you know! All studying and no fun makes Janelle dull for exams!”

“Okay I’ll pray so you don’t get dull during the exam period. But I’m requesting that you come for the crusade today. Okay? Just try and come. It’s a request” I tried convincing her. 

“Mhh! Alright, I’ll see!”

I requested for her contact as well for which she gave.

So the weekend for the crusade came. It was about starting so I decided to call Janelle to ask if she was coming. 

“Oh T.A Fred! Hmm! I planned of coming o! I even got dressed up!  But my car is giving me problems (Lie)”

“Really? Okay don’t worry I’ll get a taxi then come for you soon” I said quickly 

“Oh T.A Fred you needn’t! Maybe it’s God’s way of saying that I shouldn’t come for the crusade o!”

I laughed in my head “Janelle, I’m in a taxi now. I’m coming for you ok?”

Apparently she hadn’t even washed down or dressed up like she was saying. I realized that she didn’t want to come along. But I waited patiently for her. It was funny how she was trying to play smart. 

“T.A Fred I think I should disguise myself o. If not when people see me at the crusade grounds they’ll leave out of shock of seeing me there. 
“Hahaha! You’re funny! Just be yourself okay? Nobody will leave!”

“Hmm… are you sure? Okay! But you won’t sit with me o. if not people will think that you’re my boyfriend. And they will think that you’ve backslidden”

“You this girl!” I said shaking my head. “Alright, as you wish. I’ll just sit behind you then.”

So we got to the crusade grounds and got seated. Deep down I was just praying that Janelle would experience God’s power again. 

The crusade was powerful: from the praises to the worship to the word. The Evangelist spoke on God’s love for all. He used many illustrations from Bible characters who experienced the love of Christ despite everything.

 Finally, he said “I Sense the Sun of Righteousness here…with healing in his wings. I hear the sound of rain… healing rain…. Ready to take off and wash off yokes and bondages… ready to set free…”

Suddenly, the power of God filled the place like never before. People began to fall under it. People began to weep. Within myself I felt love all over.

“Jesus is here… with healing… to heal the wounded…and the broken hearted… To set you free from yokes of hurt and abuse and disappointments. To set you free from emotional pain and to make you experience love again.” He continued ministering. 

It seemed like a revival was breaking forth. Even the ushers were falling.

 Suddenly I heard Janelle scream out loud, then fell to the ground and broke down in tears. 

“Ei what’s happening?” I thought to myself


Dorothy Budu-Arthur​


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