“And those who act all spiritual and holy…The so called Christians… it baffles me… I think that they actually don’t know what Christianity is… a bunch of hypocrites they are… that’s why I don’t go to church or believe in anything! They bring out the hell in me the most…Probably cuz’ they all think that some of us are hell bound!”

These words by Janelle kept replaying in my head for days. I am a Christian, and I really felt sad that she will say such things about us. She said that we don’t actually know what Christianity is about. What is Christianity about? Love… Love demonstrated on the cross. Were we preaching that? I guess she seemed to be hearing more of hell, and condemnation shrouded messages. Well hell I know is real, and heaven as well. But I guess she heard more of hell than she did about God’s love. Of course, at every dawn there was a broadcast at the various halls and hostels by Christian groups.

Why did she open up to me about those things? Did we believers really make some unbelievers feel like they’re hell bound, and had no hope? Did we in an effort to point them to Christ condemn them, instead of show them love? Do we smile at them? Talk to them? Say hello to them in our offices and in our schools? Or we gave them that look like they probably may be possessed by a legion? Do we pray for them that they may know Christ? Or we probably had ‘holy’ gossips about them?

It was mind boggling, and personally, I realized that I had faulted in some ways.  I decided then, to show people like Janelle love, instead of make them feel condemned. But then again, I hoped to know why she was the way she was. She always looked embittered, even behind her 24 hour heavy make-up and sunglasses. I also later realized that the tattoo at her back looked had an obscure image of a woman crushing the head of a man with her heel. Weird…

Days passed. And it was time for our campus ministry group to go for evangelism at the various halls and hostels towards an upcoming All Students Crusade. I decided to be part of them since I’ve always loved sharing Jesus with people.

We got to the male block of one of the ‘expensive’ hostels in the university and paired ourselves.  We got to the One-In-A-Room floor. After much prayer, we hoped that they would welcome us at least and listen to the Word with us.

Knock Knock!

“Yes come in!” a female voice responded. My partner and I were shocked since it was an all-male block. We entered all the same.

To my amazement, I saw Janelle sitting on the bed in the room with just a men’s long sleeve shirt on.

My counterpart and I were shocked. She however acted as though she didn’t know me.

“He however gathered some courage to say “Hello Miss! Please we are here to share the word of God with you! We’re sorry for invading your privacy. We may just wait a while outside so you get dressed a bit.”

“O I’m cool!” she said as she tried to pull the shirt downwards. But it actually did no good. After a brief moment of silence she said “Alright! Maybe you guys are afraid that you’ll backslide!” she then placed two pillows on her thighs and on her legs.

“Actually the inhabitant of this room stepped out. So I dunno if you’ll wait, or you’ll just go on and share. But he’ll actually be back around 11pm or 12. So you could just relay the message then, I’ll let him have it when he returns.” She said to us

Was she going to stay in the guy’s room till that time? Or she probably was thinking of spending the night over there? So many thoughts seemed to be racing through my mind.

“Okay! Well the Gospel is for everyone right? We’ll just go on and share with you then!” my counterpart said. “Brother Fred! Kindly pray with us then!”



Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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