“How did you find me? What the hell do you want from me?”

I wondered why she was shouting at the man at the door. I could sense anger in her voice.

“Janelle pl…” the man tried speaking and he was sharply interjected by her.

“Don’t mention my name! You don’t know me! And I also don’t know you! You’re dead in my heart! I hate you with all my heart! Get out from here! Clear out of my sight!”


I had never seen a woman so enraged, except for the usual I see in telenovelas.


“O you’re with him, right?” she turned to address me like an angry lioness.

I actually froze just by the tone she spoke to me with this time round. Before I could come out of the shock to explain to her that I’m her T.A and that I was only bringing to her the course outline, I got the resounding “Get out from my room!” with her index finger directing to the doorway.

As though responding to a military command, I quickly jumped off the chair and just walked out of the room.

When I got out I realized that some students were peeping through their windows and doors wondering what probably might have happened. I really felt so embarrassed since it looked like I was the reason for the chaos. They probably missed the real action. I was just the anticlimax, but to them, I probably was the climax. I just walked back to my department.


It was a Friday. I quickly got to the campus from home and headed for the department. Dr. Obuor’s lecture with the 2nd year students was on that morning. As I got to the general office, I remembered the incident that had occurred on the first day, and also what happened at Janelle’s place. I quickly put that behind me then got the necessary teaching materials for the class.

Walking through the corridor, I was brought to a halt as I saw Janelle standing before one of the notice boards.

“Hi. How are you?” I asked when I got closer. She turned to look at me looking all lavish.

“Hello…” she replied with a look on her face which seemed to wonder where she had met me before.

“To Dr. Obuor’s lecture, right? Here… this’ the course outline…” I said as I handed the sheet over to her.

“O… thank you… You… Look familiar… Have we met before?”

Really? I thought to myself. Was it pretense, or she really couldn’t remember me

“Oh! Yes! We have met before… I was the gentleman who ca… I mean… I’m your T.A”

What was I going to say? It was good that I came back to my senses. If she really couldn’t remember that I was the guy who came to her room the last time, there wasn’t any need referring to that. I am a T.A, and that’s what I am to her.

Smiling at her, I just continued my walk.

The usual students chattering was going on when I entered the lecture hall. It went down however when they realized that I was in. Two ladies at the front however kept talking. It really looked as though they were gossiping.

“Ei she’s coming! She’s coming!” I heard one murmur.

Wondering who they were referring to, the door opened and Janelle entered. As though by reflex I gave them a stern look which I think silenced the class. Soon Dr. Obour came in to lecture.

“Alright! We’ll meet again next week!” he said to them as the class ended.  “Fred I’ve got a departmental meeting to attend so I’ll rush off now.” He told me.

I realized Janelle was the first to leave the hall. I thought to myself that maybe she loves living a life of isolation.

After all the students had left, I closed my eyes to say a word of prayer for a successful lecture. When I opened my eyes, however, I felt a gaze upon me. Turning towards the direction, I saw Janelle standing at the doorway. She started to walk towards me like an investigating detective.

“You look familiar… it seems to me that we’ve met before” she said slitting her eyes. “I remember… you came to my room some days back…”

“Yes… and you ended up sacking me in an embarrassing manner” I said in my head.

“Yes… I was actually just bringing to you the course outline. It just wasn’t a good day I think. And also apologize for what happened in the class the last time.”

Unexpectedly, she also apologized. “I really apologize. It’s just that… some people and some situations just bring the hell out of you… I apologize. ”

Was she apologizing out of fear that I’ll retaliate later on since I was her T.A? Or she was really being genuine? I asked myself. “That’s alright. Don’t worry!”

“And those who act all spiritual and holy…The so called Christians… it baffles me… I think that they actually don’t know what Christianity is… a bunch of hypocrites they are… that’s why I don’t go to church or believe in anything! They bring out the hell in me the most…Probably cuz’ they all think that some of us are hell bound!” she said with a wink as she pouted her lips at me. I wondered what that meant.

“Alright T.A! Later!” with that she left.


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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