I got to the hostel’s car park in hope that I’ll get to find her. I just wanted to let her have the course outline before the next class.

It sounded absurd, and I knew I didn’t have to do all that. But somehow, I just wanted to know more about her. Was everything her classmates were saying about her true? It seemed like I didn’t need much proof judging from how she dressed, her attitude, the tattoo, and even how she carried herself. But then again, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to trust that she wasn’t characterless as it was being rumored. Deep down I had that gut feeling that she probably has been pushed to that point due of circumstances.

It was surprising how I picked her car number that day when she walked out of the class. Fortunately I saw that car going towards the hostel. I just decided to get to the hostel car park in hope that I’ll get to see her.

Lo and behold  her car was parked there. “She probably must be in this hostel!” I thought to myself. “Man… Now how would I find her?”

I decided to ask some two ladies who I saw come out of the hostel

“Oh this is Janelle’s car right?” one asked the other.

“Janelle” I repeated since I actually didn’t know her name.

“Yes I’m sure it’s hers. She’s in room 2037.

“Oh. Thanks a lot ladies!”

“He probably must be one of her numerous!” “Hahaha… I doubt… this one doesn’t look rich!”  I overheard them say with giggles as they walked past me.

“One of her numerous? Wow. God should I just turn back?” I seemed to ask myself.


[At Janelle’s door]

Knock! Knock!

“Yea hold on… Just a sec!” I heard her shout from the inside. It seemed like she was on phone and was cooking too as I could perceive the aroma coming out through her windows.

Soon she opened the door, and at that moment I felt like either disappearing or shutting the door again. How could she be dressed in such a revealing and provocative manner? Before I could express my shock she beckoned me to come inside.

I calmed down as I resisted turning to look at her whiles she stirred whatever she was cooking was on fire. I realized that she had the room all to herself. That’s very expensive in the university community.

My eyes quickly went onto her obvious shoe rack which had pumps of different  heel lengths and other footwear. I saw her picture portrait on the wall as well which had the caption “Woman, rule your world!”

“Interesting!” I thought to myself. She signaled me to have a seat which I did.

“Hi, excuse me!” she finally gave me her attention after she ended the phone call.  “Can I do anything for you?” I looked at her face and that seemed to make all my words disappear. I suddenly got dumb.

“Uhm… Uhh… Janelle, I guess?”

“Uh huh!” she said with a nod. The look on her face could tell she couldn’t recognize me. Actually I wouldn’t have recognized her too if not for the tattoo I saw at her back.

“Uhm Okay… I am… I’m Fr…” Just then there was a knock on her door.

“A moment please!” she said with a grin as she walked towards the door.

Quickly glancing through the room again, I saw something which got me quite perturbed. There was a bible behind the fridge, and it probably looked like it had been there for long.

Unexpectedly I heard her scream out at the man who stood at the door with so much bitterness in her voice

“How did you find me? What the hell do you want from me?”


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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