“You wear sunglasses as early as 8am as though NASA has informed you that an eclipse is going to occur… You think wearing the shades can conceal you! Oooo Sister! Your dressing gives you away! Your attitude gives you away!”
Suddenly my eyes went roaming. Could he be referring to the girl who got to the class late?
“You tattoo your body as though you’re a goat whose owner is afraid that it will get lost!”
“Hey excuse me! End it!” I interjected as it seemed like it was an attack rather than a preaching. I signaled him to get off the stage amidst the cheers he was rather receiving from the class.

Just then, the girl took up her bag and began to walk out of the class. There was an uproar again!
“Yaay! The sermon is causing demons to flee!” some guys mocked.
“Bunch of hypocrites!”  The lady sneered, then walked out. The scene was confusing and I was wondering why that on my first day.
I walked out almost running after her. With her back towards me I saw a tattoo at her back. It made me confirm then that she was the sermon topic.
“Excuse me! Where are you going?” she really didn’t mind me. She just walked straight to a car at the car park which I presumed was hers.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!”
She just sped off. I just wished that I had controlled the class better.

When I got back to the class the whole place was quite, and many had remorseful faces on. Deep down I was feeling bad that I had allowed something like that to happen. I just went straight to the ‘Preacher’.
“Was that a deliberate personal attack on that girl? Or it was a message from the Holy Ghost?” I asked him rhetorically.
“Hm T.A Fred! You don’t know that girl! She bi dangerous than Delilah!” someone shouted again.
“Enough of the taunting!” “If all that you guys did was a personal attack on that girl, then it wasn’t right. No matter how bad you think she may be! Most of you here may claim to be Christians! You could put yourself in her shoes. How would you have felt? At times it’s because of how you present your message that sinners get more hardened and move farther away!”
“Who doesn’t want to feel loved?” I asked them for which they were all silent. “Who doesn’t want to be loved? Everyone wants to be loved! Even the worst people! And that’s why you should share anything you want to share based on love! You could put yourself in her shoes and just tell me how you would have felt if your own colleagues treated you that way.”
For a long while the lecture room was silent. I quickly put all that had happened behind me then went on to discuss the course content with them.

Afterwards, when the class was almost ending, I wondered again about the girl. “How will she get the course outline now?”
“Who’s the lady’s friend in this class if I may ask?” and there was no response. I just quickly assumed that she probably didn’t have a friend in the class.
“Alright then! That’s all for today! We’ll meet again same time on Friday! Class rep, kindly wait behind”

Somehow, I wanted to know more about the girl – the reason why I asked the rep to wait behind.
“Hm. T.A… it’s only because you’re asking oo. But that girl… Hm”
“Alright! You tell me!”
“Did you ever hear of one lecturer from the English department’s scandal which led to him being suspended? Yeah she’s the female student involved.” He said
And of course. I had heard of rumors about that amongst some of the lecturers concerning  a  girl who had a video recording of the English lecturer making sexual advances towards her after threatening to fail her. I now understood why she wasn’t well received even among her own colleagues since the lecturer in question was a member of the chaplaincy committee.
“I mean it’s so impossible for that lecturer to be involved in such a thing. He’s a man of good repute.  He said that he was trapped. But the girl still seems to stand by what she said, that the lecturer threatened to fail her. And so she pretended to have agreed so she could get the video as proof. But that girl T.A Fred, we don’t trust her. She’s always with different men… you did you see the tattoo at her back? And even how she had dressed? You can imagine the kind of girl she is! I’m sure she trapped the man just to disgrace him”
“Hmm…” I sighed.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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