It was my first time going to the lecture hall as a Teaching Assistant. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. I wondered how the class would be, and how they would receive me. I was however a bit relaxed when the lecturer told me that the class was a 2nd year class. They’re still quite green in the system, I presumed.
Exhaling deeply, I entered the class and for a moment I thought I had entered the market. Nobody’s attention was drawn to me until I climbed up to the podium. Before I could finish forming a broad smile to say ‘Good Morning’, someone shouted at the back “O he no bi the lecturer… He bi T.A”
Soft murmurs followed whiles some of the guys resumed their chats. I managed to finish forming my smile. I introduced myself to them as Fred, their T.A, then explained to them that the lecturer was on his way. The look on some faces seemed to say “We just hope that the class won’t come off”. I understood them, because some time back I was a student just like them.
I went on to spell out the rules and regulations for the class as per what the lecturer had stressed on, and especially on the fact that he disliked lateness.


“Ei. Boss no dey like lateness…but he sef he make late.” A guy retorted again, for which they all burst into laughter.

“Order! O you guys!” another gentleman said trying to bring the class to order.
Just when I thought that I was getting their attention again, a skimpily dressed girl with sunglasses entered the class with a model like catwalk. The class suddenly became uproarious just at her entrance. I really didn’t seem to understand.
“T.A Fred replay replay! Especially the last rule!”
Well the last rule was on lateness. That’s when I got to understand that the lady was the cause of the uproar.
“Alright so for the sake of those who couldn’t make it to class on time, I’ll just go over Dr. Obuor’s rules for his class. And even though this is a university community I’d like to emphasize again on the fact that going by these rules will form a quota in how you would be graded.”
Now it looked like I was done with all that the lecturer had instructed me to do. I tried reaching him again since he still wasn’t in but to no avail.  For that matter I didn’t know whether to end the lecture or just hold on. Just when I was contemplating on what to do, one of the students approached me.
“T.A… Uhm Please… Since the lecturer isn’t in yet, I was wondering if you could spare me some minutes to share the word of God with the class.”
“Oh why not?” I thought to myself. “At least that will give me ample time to try reaching the lecturer still, or think of what next to do”
“Alright go on… just 5 minutes.” I told him “Your colleague here wants to share the word of God with you all… I’m sure Dr. Obuor will be in by the time he’s done. So kindly give him your audience.”
With that I went out of the class to try reaching the lecturer again.

Finally I got in touch with him. He informed me that he had gotten an emergency call from the Dean of students, and that I should quickly run to the department’s secretary for the course outlines for the class. That was a bit relieving since I could at least go through the course outline with them.
Upon getting the course outlines, I walked briskly back to the class. As I was entering I could hear the boy still preaching.

“Some of you have no regard for things of God… even fruits have coverings… But some of you expose yourselves as though your great grandparents Adam and Eve were unwise to have even thought of sewing fig leaves to cover their nakedness. Even God made clothing from animal skin for them! But some of you are trying tell God that he’s not wise by exposing yourselves and dressing skimpily.”
Wondering what he was talking about, I signaled him to cut it short since I had returned.
“Some of you tell lies… you put reputable men in trouble. If you are here and you’re like that repent! You trade what’s in between your legs for only God knows what, repent! For the wrath of God is coming! Repent! Or else you’ll go to hell ”
Amidst his so called preaching, some of the guys passed sarcastic comments.

“O eetwi obi! Eetwi obi! Odiifo bo ho biom!”
“You wear sunglasses as early as 8am as though NASA has informed you that an eclipse is going to occur… You think wearing the shades can conceal you! Oooo Sister! Your dressing gives you away! Your attitude gives you away!”
Suddenly my eyes went roaming. Could he be referring to the girl who got to the class late?
“You tattoo your body as though you’re a goat whose owner is afraid that it will get lost!”
“Hey excuse me! End it!”


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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