(Based on Song of Songs 1:13)

Between my breasts

Lies a void so deep; so endless

Between my breasts

Lies the old love nest

And in it many want to take resident

Between my breasts lies a bosom

And in it the Myrrh and the Thicket contend to blossom

Between my breasts lies my Heart

The seat of my emotions, my affections; my desires

Yet as perfect as You are, and with no flaw

I see You standing at it’s sin-greased door

Lord this heart of mine is but decietful at best

So why choose it as Your place of rest?

O my King! My Sachet of Myrrh

I am as the tents of Kedar, yet to You I am so fair

I am so darkened by sin’s glare

Yet You bring me into Your chambers

Your chambers of righteousness

Your chambers of holiness

Kissing away all my weakness

And drawing me near with loving-kindness

In my bosom lies my  heart, Lord Jesus

Come live in it; be King of my universe

Make it a place of purity

Make it a place of intimacy

A place for You alone

So let any other kingdom be dethroned

Rest in my heart; build in it Your throne

For this heart is Yours, and Yours alone.
Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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